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Offering a Systems Thinking view on the issues of daily business life.

Who? What? Why?

I’m Carolina Cullington, and I love solving problems.

  • Technology use and efficiency
  • Systems and Business Process Management
  • Product Management
  • Understanding customers and requirements
  • Systems Thinking all the things!

Why Choose TangentC

Agile Mindset

With a wealth of experience in the field of software engineering and agile development practices, we can advise on agile ways of working, applied to your particular context.

We bring the benefits of Agile to more than just the software development teams – promoting transparency, a spirit of honesty and an iterative approach to business improvement.

Holistic and Person-Centred Thinking

We see your business environment as a whole system, and the people within it as the most important and valuable assets.

Your people know more about the systems they work with than you may appreciate. Truly listening to their voices and getting their input, and putting them together to honestly collaborate generates a source of business knowledge and improvements that is immensely valuable to scale your organisation.

Problem Solving

Whatever your situation or problem, there is always a solution or a way of improving it.

Using Lean’s Continuous Improvement alongside Systems Thinking, we can advise and guide on fixing specific problems or generally improving your working environment.

If you find yourself constantly fire-fighting or feel that you’re not growing as you should, we can help you develop your business processes and ways of working so you can get on with the business of scaling.

Get better today!

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